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  1. Dayton Sub powered by 1kw amp Scanspeak mid bass powered by 500 watt amp and Scanspeak mid range and SB Acoustics tweeter powered by 300 watt amp 4 channel amp. I have built 2 MTM units, the other one has SEAS H1304 MCA12RC, the beauty of the speakers is the 4 individual cabinets allowing me to change out and try different drivers without having to build an entirely new speaker. They are mounted together using acoustic isolation similar to whats on submarine equipment so cabinet interaction is virtually zero. Each cabinet has been in a chamber to check unwanted cabinet radiation and I have to say they are very, very dead. Also the drivers curve corresponds perfectly to the spec sheet, the cabinets have added or subtracted nothing from the drivers. There is no frequency correction used anywhere. Time aligned to the limit of the preamp. You can see the difference in size of the SEAS and ScanSpeak drive units. The heart of the system though is the Analog Precision pre amp. I can change out the MTM, or any cabinet for that matter and load the new AudioWeaver profile into the preamp and away you go. They would be what they are without the preamp. And like I said you have to sit in front of them to appreciate how good they truly are. Thanks to Dave for the preamp, Dan from Colorado in the driver selection and help with the cabinet design and my other friends I can't mention, you guys know who you are.
  2. Hi all. I will be the first one to post on here. Here is a picture of my active 4 way. Many years in design and testing inspired by John Dunlavy. Powered by Analog-Precision Ultimate Preamp. Soon to be upgraded to the new Ultimate Preamp Plus and a new 8 channel amplifier specifically for 4 way active loudspeakers. The whole system is simply outstanding and has to be heard to be believed.
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